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Seasalt Websites is a full-service Florida Keys web design company offering custom websites, mobile websites, online advertising, and social media maintenance. Whether you are looking to have your first website created, need a re-design of your current site, or are a seasoned veteran to the web — we're here to help.

Seasalt Websites may not be the first web design company you've researched. In fact, if you are still looking for a designer, it's probably because you've not yet found a company that is affordable and makes you feel comfortable.

Our Services

If you're not computer "techie", web jargon and the entire process of getting your own website can be pretty confusing. Let us help. Here are some of the services we provide and what they all actually mean.

Domain Names

A domain name is your website’s address. Domain names begin with "www" followed by "your chosen name", and end with ".com". For example, our domain name is and If you would like us to register your name for you, please contact us. We will purchase your domain name for you (on your behalf) or will assist you in transferring or directing your domain to your website.


Hosting makes your website visible to anyone looking for it. Without hosting, your website is not accessible; your site might exist – but not on the web. We offer monthly and yearly packages. Hosting fees vary greatly depending on your needs. If you have a very small, basic web site that doesn’t need any special features, hosting fees are minimal. Larger sites and those with special programming features are subject to higher hosting fees.


A picture is worth a thousand words. What's the best angle, lighting, size...and do you want to spend your time taking photos and optimizing them for the web? Let us help. We'll take basic photography for you or if your needs are greater than our basic services — we'll refer you to some of the areas best photographers for a complete, professional photo shoot.

Website Design, Creation and Launch

Seasalt Websites is a full-service web design company specializing in the design, maintenance and hosting of websites. We conceptualize, design and develop websites from start to finish, handling all aspects of the process.
• New site design
• Existing site redesign
• Site maintenance
• Site analysis
• eCalendars (interactive)
• Search engine optimization (basic, integrated into the original design)
• Consulting

Website Maintenance

Your website is a growing, breathing creature that is alive on the web. Maintenance refers to the ongoing updates and changes that your website will need. Consider it “food” for your site. We use the word “need” because we feel that regular updates to your site are essential for your continued success. However, it’s not mandatory. Many websites stay stagnant with no changes at all throughout their entire life. We believe that to keep your customers coming back, and to keep your site a good representation of your company — it will need periodic updates.
After we have developed your website, an hourly fee or maintenance package will apply when we are maintaining your site.

Social Media Set-Up and Maintenance

Numbers don't lie. Are you on Facebook?

1.7 billion people have active social media accounts
1.4 billion of those are on Facebook
47% of all internet users are on Facebook

We will design and set-up your Facebook page for you. We will also maintain your Facebook page by making all of your posts, including writing all the content and adding photos and images relative to the growth of your business. Why spend all your time maintaining your Facebook page (and it is time consuming). Let us do the work for you. Our packages include 5 posts per week on your account. How often do you post now?

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What To Expect

We don't want you to have any surprises along the web design path. This should give you a good idea of what to expect from us. If not, please contact us for more information. We are confident that we can build you a website that will represent you and your business in the best, possible light.


We do this together . . .
We start the process by meeting with you (about 1 hour) to discuss the overall concept for your new website. This includes your likes and dislikes (color, style, navigational choices, etc.) and the purpose behind your site. We’ll ask you a series of questions to help us identify your needs. There is no charge for this initial consultation.

Price Proposal & Payment Information

We’ll explain everything . . .
After the initial consultation, we’ll quote you an approximate price. Price is dependent on the overall scope of the website, your involvement (how complete the content and images are that you send us) and any extra features you may choose (interactive calendars, photo galleries, etc.).
We’ll also explain the payment process. We require a deposit and, depending on the size of the project, possible progress payments as we move forward.

Your Decision to Proceed

The decision is all yours . . .
After our initial meeting, you’ll decide if you want to move forward with Seasalt Websites. If you want to proceed, we’ll continue along this path. If not, no problem; you’re under absolutely no obligation. Again, there is no charge for the initial consultation.

Collection of Information

The ball is in your court . . . (but we'll guide you and help!)
You’ll send us content for the website. This includes text, images, your company’s logo, contact information, and everything else you decide we collectivley decide is applicable for the site. We can cut, crop and alter images, as well as adjust text, but the more complete your content is when you send it to us, the lower the design price will be. If needed, we can create ALL the content for you.

Site Development

This is all on us . . .
Based on our conversations and the content you send us, we design a one-page sample version of the home page of your site. This one-page design will be 'live' on the web, although not attached to your domain name. We send you a link so that you are able to access it. This will give you the ability to see it on your own computer. During this phase, you’ll have the opportunity to view, revise and approve the design. At your request, we'll make changes to this one-page version. During this phase, you can still make major design changes to the site.

With your approval, we then create the remainder of the site based on the approved, one-page design. You will then review the final completed version. At this point, we tweak minor revisions and make corrections.

Site Launch

This is all on us . . .
With your final approval, we redirect your domain name from its current host (or parked position) to the new site. This is when your new website becomes LIVE on the web.

All Done

That’s it . . .
The process is pretty simple. Depending on the scope of the site and how quickly you send us the content – we can usually have the site complete in 2 to 6 weeks.

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Fees & Payment Information

Our designs are usually estimated on an individual basis. Clients, projects and budgets vary — as do our services. Fees vary depending on not only the scope of the project, but also the level of involvement from our clients.

There is no charge for the initial consultation. If you decide to have us create a design for you, a deposit will be required. Deposits vary depending on the size of your project but can be one-third to one-half of the final estimated cost. For large projects, a progress payment may be required half-way through the design process.

All projects require final payment to be paid in full upon completion. Maintenance and hosting fees are billed monthly and due upon receipt. We offer annual hosting plans at discounted rates. For more information on our fees or our discount plans, please contact us.

We accept credit cards, checks, money orders, cashier checks and of course cash. In addition, we are a registered and verified PayPal® business account holder.

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Our Portfolio

Here are a few examples of websites created by Seasalt Websites. Please keep in mind that the possibilities are almost endless. Prices vary depending on many factors including the size of the site, content, images and your level of involvement.

Action Keys Realty |

Going Green |

Jay's Bistro |

Trudie Hammond Realty |

Beautiful Key West |

Mike and Patti Kelly |


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